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Standard Back-Up Ring


Standard back-up rings are used in both dynamic and static sealing, primarily as an anti-extrusion device. They're constructed with materials resistant to pressure induced flow. Back-up rings prevent the seal from extruding into the mating parts' clearance gap.

High Performance Seals' standard Hytrel® back-up rings are equivalent to AN6224, AN6246, MS28774, MS28782, and MS28783 in their specifications. To facilitate installation, our PTFE back-up rings feature a scarf cut and are precisely machined to MS28774 specifications. Both back-up ring types share a common rectangular cross-section.

Stock materials are PTFE and Hytrel®. Temperatures ranges are -300°F to +500°F for PTFE and -60°F to +275°F for Hytrel®.

MS28774 Sizes