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Loaded U-Cup


Loaded U-cups are single direction piston seals, which means they can only seal with pressure coming from one direction. Two loaded U-cups must be installed for dual direction hydraulic piston applications since the sealing method is single directional.

The lip is a straight lip design which gives the loaded U-cup good sealability, while it is also excellent at contamination removal away from the sealing lip. The loaded U-cup's overall shape is a large rectangle that significantly adds to the seal's stability. Also, the loaded U-cup, like most polyurethane seals, features a four-lobed ring energizer designed to activate the seal at lower pressures.

Temperature range: -50°F to +250°F

Applications: Mobile hydraulic; agricultural; general industrial; high duty cycle

Materials: Urethane or Hytrel® shell with Nitrile or Viton™ expander

Max Pressure: 6,000 psi

Max Velocity: 3.2 ft/sec.