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Material Selection


Are you aware that there are over ten different grades of Chemours™ Viton™ for molding rubber parts? And that each of these grades has its own set of physical and chemical properties that differentiates it from the rest? High Performance Seals' veteran staff knows the differences in these grades and can help you select the right one based on the all the specifics of your application. Our material expertise goes beyond Viton™. We'll recommend whichever elastomer type is perfect for your application. The more commonly specified materials include EPDM, silicone, nitrile and PTFE, as well as those listed in the Materials section of this website. Following are critical parameters to consider when selecting a material:

  • Medium – What will be sealed? What gases or liquids will the seal be exposed to?
  • Temperature – During the operation, what temperature range will the application experience? Both high and low temperature ranges are critical information.
  • Maximum operating pressure – This is important in specifying the material's hardness and whether or not an anti-extrusion device is required.
  • Static or dynamic motion – Will the part's operation be stationary or will it experience dynamic motion in the application? Some compounds only perform effectively in static applications and can easily be worn in dynamic environments.

Beyond chemical resistance and environmental considerations, the cost of the material is of paramount importance. Cost is always considered for the final material recommendation. When multiple appropriate choices exist, High Performance Seals will always recommend the least expensive polymer.